Police Need Warrant to Conduct Driveway Searches

TULSA, Oklahoma. The Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that can have an impact on individual privacy and also impact criminal defense law going forward. According to the New York Times, police now must have a warrant in order to conduct a search on a private driveway. The court ruled on an ambiguity in the [...]

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Low Level Gun Offenders Could Face Federal Charges

TULSA, Oklahoma. Under Jeff Sessions’ orders to increase penalties for gun offenses, federal prosecutors are increasingly pursuing low-level gun offenders for federal charges. Jeff Sessions has asked that the maximum possible charge be pursued and the most serious possible punishment be sought for these kinds of crimes. In the Trump administration’s crackdown on gun violence, [...]

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Why are Children Suspended from School Being Sent to Jail—and What Can Parents Do?

TULSA, Oklahoma. According to ProPublica, in the last 30 years, school law enforcement budgets have grown, student suspensions have grown, and the number of students being sent to jail has increased. Critics claim that the school justice system creates disparities between students of color and white students. Black students are four times more likely to [...]

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Public Defenders Only Get 1/16th of the Time they Need to Defend Clients

TULSA, Oklahoma. When it comes to justice in America, whether you go to jail or not has a lot to do with whether you can afford to pay for a criminal defense lawyer. According to MV, the disparity in representation can be seen in the case of two men who were accused of a crime. [...]

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Jeff Sessions Issues Memo Regarding Death Penalty for Certain Drug Crimes

TULSA, Oklahoma. The Trump administration recently announced that it would call for capital punishment for some drug dealers. Attorney General Sessions recently released a memo offering guidance for prosecutors regarding the use of the death penalty in certain drug charges. […]

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Criminal Defense Lawyers Deserve Access to Social Media Evidence, Too

TULSA, Oklahoma. When prosecutors ask social media companies for information on their users, the companies are required to turn over the information when prosecutors have a warrant. Yet, when criminal defense lawyers ask social media companies for information, they are denied this information. While criminal defense lawyers are able to access information gathered by prosecutors, [...]

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How Private Vendors in Prisons Curtail Inmate Rights

TULSA, Oklahoma. If you are facing criminal charges, there’s yet another reason why you might want to fight for your innocence. While the U.S. ostensibly claims that its prison system is designed to rehabilitate inmates, more and more, our prison system serves to limit a person’s rights and serves punitive ends. […]

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AI Programs Should Not Be Used to Police Cities or Sentence Criminals

TULSA, Oklahoma. Technology has changed the way we live our lives and plan our days. In recent years, technology has had an impact on how police patrol cities and how criminals are sentenced to jail. More cities in recent years have been using artificial intelligence to determine which areas of a city might be more [...]

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Former Pot Convictions May Stay on People’s Records, Even After Marijuana Has Been Legalized

TULSA, Oklahoma. Felony convictions can have a serious impact on your life and ability to find work. One man found himself facing difficulty finding jobs after having to disclose his former marijuana conviction to future employers. Oregon Live reported that he was not permitted to work on federal projects and wasn’t even allowed to travel [...]

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