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Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions

Our Tulsa bankruptcy attorneys have compiled a list of our clients’ most commonly asked questions and provided answers below. We hope you find this information helpful as you are looking for solutions to secure your financial future.

Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy?

People frequently ask “Do I qualify for bankruptcy in Tulsa?” In light of recent events, more Americans are asking themselves this question every day. Each bankruptcy case is unique. However, there are some basic questions you can ask yourself…READ MORE

Chapter 7

The Henson Law Firm, PLLC is a Tulsa Chapter 7 bankruptcy law firm that can assist you if you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7, sometimes called “liquidation bankruptcy” or “straight bankruptcy,” is generally…READ MORE

Chapter 13

You can reorganize your debts and get on a payment plan for your debts which generally lasts anywhere from three to five years. On the Chapter 13 plan, you continue to pay for secured debts…READ MORE

File Bankruptcy from Home (Mostly)

Yes! It is now possible to file your Oklahoma bankruptcy case without leaving your home, except for a one-time visit to our office. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about some welcome changes to the bankruptcy process…READ MORE

Can I Afford Bankruptcy?

Yes, it costs money to hire a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney, but the better question is can you afford NOT to hire a bankruptcy attorney? Can you afford late fees and higher interest rates on cars, homes, and credit cards? READ MORE

File Bankruptcy & Secure Your Future

Study after study has shown clear benefits for people who successfully eliminate their debts through the Oklahoma bankruptcy process. Whether it is financially related to higher credit scores and higher incomes or quality-of-life related to…READ MORE

Bankruptcy is NOT a Moral Failing

No one wants to be in a bad or difficult financial situation. People think that filing for bankruptcy protection is a personal reflection upon themselves, a moral failing. Bankruptcy is a legal remedy, not a permanent condition, and it is absolutely NOT…READ MORE

Is Bankruptcy Really a Last Resort?

It is frequently said that bankruptcy should be avoided at all costs or that it should only be considered as a “last resort” for people experiencing financial difficulties. This “advice” is oversimplified at best and totally wrong at worst…READ MORE

Is Debt Settlement a Good Idea?

We know that most people WANT to pay their bills and most will do anything to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Even a credit counseling course that is required to be completed before you can even file for bankruptcy will possibly recommend a bankruptcy…READ MORE

Stop Creditor Harassment

Debt collectors, especially credit card debt collectors, can be relentless in harassing you and your family about your late or unpaid debts. Creditors may call you on your cell phone, at home on the weekend, or even at work…READ MORE

Stop Wage Garnishment in Oklahoma

If you are in a financial situation that prevents you from paying all of your debts to your creditors, then you need to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer in Tulsa about possibly filing bankruptcy. If you are behind on your bills, creditors are probably calling continuously…READ MORE

What is Worse Repossession or Bankruptcy?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and you have fallen behind on monthly payments, your assets may be at risk for repossession by the lender. Bankruptcy and repossession are both financially and emotionally challenging…READ MORE

Can I Keep My Guns?

In order to keep your guns in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must first disclose the fact that you own the guns to your bankruptcy attorney. It is important to understand that you cannot transfer the guns to a friend or family member before…READ MORE

Will I Lose My Stuff in Bankruptcy?

Many of our clients ask whether they will lose their possessions if they file for bankruptcy in Oklahoma. The answer to that question is quite simply, NO! Oklahoma has some of the most generous bankruptcy property exemptions in the United States…READ MORE

Oklahoma Means Test

If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must first pass the means test. Many potential bankruptcy filers consider the means test overwhelming. The good news is that you do not have to figure it out by yourself! The Henson Law Firm…READ MORE

What is the Automatic Stay?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in the state of Oklahoma, you will become familiar with the term “automatic stay.” After you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay, which is a federal injunction, immediately stops…READ MORE

What is the Fresh Start?

What does the term “fresh start” mean when it comes to your financial situation and filing for bankruptcy? The fresh start refers to the promise that after you file for bankruptcy and your case is successfully completed, your eligible debts are discharged…READ MORE

Will I Have to go to Court?

Everyone who files for bankruptcy must appear at what is called a Meeting of Creditors (also called a Section 341 meeting) in the federal bankruptcy courthouse conducted by the bankruptcy trustee (don’t worry, creditors almost never…READ MORE

Why do I Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Can I File for Bankruptcy without an attorney? The short answer is yes, of course. However, the more important answer is why would you want to file without an attorney? Filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma by yourself is a recipe for disaster…READ MORE

Will my Bankruptcy be in the Newspaper?

Your bankruptcy filing will not appear in the local newspaper. This is one of the top myths surrounding filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma. Oklahoma bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record, but they are not generally publicized in…READ MORE

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