Tulsa Oklahoma Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested for shoplifting in Tulsa or the surrounding area? Shoplifting is the crime of taking goods or merchandise from a retail store without the intention to pay for them. Concealing merchandise while in a store and switching price tags are also considered shoplifting. Under Oklahoma criminal law, shoplifting is also known as larceny of merchandise from a retailer. Shoplifting is most often categorized as petty theft, a misdemeanor, because the value of the item or items is less than $500. However, if the value of the items taken exceed $500, then the charge is grand larceny, a felony.

While the penalties for a misdemeanor shoplifting conviction may seem minor, a conviction not only carries the possibility of a permanent mark on your record, but also carries the possibility of jail time, fines, probation, community work hours, restitution, and possibly civil litigation. Many people who have been accused of shoplifting decide not to hire an attorney because they feel it is not a serious charge or they do not believe that they can win their case. However, larceny charges should be taken seriously and you should ALWAYS try to fight a conviction. A conviction can stay on your permanent record as well as affect your eligibilty for certain housing programs, limit your employment opportunities, and can damage or even result in the revocation of security clearances.

Shoplifting Defense Attorney in Tulsa

It is important to remember that a defense attorney may be able to have the evidence against you suppressed. At a minimum, your attorney can negotiate to have only minimal penalties enforced or your attorney may even be able to help you avoid a conviction altogether. When you need a shoplifting defense attorney in Tulsa, contact the Henson Law Firm to learn how you can fight your Tulsa Oklahoma shoplifting charges. We offer honest legal advice and aggressive representation for individuals who have been accused of shoplifting or larceny of merchandise from a retailer.

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