Criminal Defense Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma


If you have committed a crime or were present at a crime scene, you are a suspect and there is a strong possibility that a pre-file investigation is being conducted against you right now. A pre-file investigation refers to the situation where an individual is being investigated by law enforcement officers and/or the District Attorney’s Office before formal charges are filed. During this period of time, the government is pouring its vast resources into gathering sufficient evidence to charge you with an Oklahoma crime, either a misdemeanor or felony, but most likely a felony charge. This is a crucial time period in an Oklahoma criminal case, as all of the evidence may not be readily available to the government, but they are interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and building their case against you. Law enforcement may be aware that you were present at a crime scene but they may not have enough evidence to connect you to the crime or charge you with the crime. If you think it is possible that you may be under investigation for a crime, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma as soon as possible. It is crucial you not speak to the police or investigators before consulting a criminal defense attorney. The best evidence against you could turn out to be your own statement, so do not make this mistake! The sooner you speak with an attorney, the sooner he or she can look into your charges and help you decide the best course of action.


Do I Really Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?


Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma is very important. An attorney knows Oklahoma criminal law and can make certain that law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office do not violate your constitutional rights, and he or she can protect your best interests. In the course of a pre-file investigation, you can still be detained for interrogation and law enforcement officers are permitted to lie in order to gain evidence against you. This is very invasive and intimidating without an attorney at your side. It is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma as soon as possible so that your specific legal situation can be evaluated and you can begin fighting your charges even before you are arrested.


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Tulsa, Oklahoma criminal defense attorney Rob V. Henson has represented several clients facing pre-trial investigations and has prevented those clients from being charged with first degree murder, first degree rape, lewd molestation of a child, embezzlement, federal tax evasion, insurance fraud, possession of controlled drugs with intent to distribute, distribution of a controlled drug, assault and battery, solicitation of an act of prostitution, conspiracy, prescription drug fraud, knowingly concealing stolen property, second degree burglary, and Fseveral other Oklahoma felony crimes.

If you believe that you are a suspect or under investigation for any type of crime, do not make any statements to police or investigators. Contact Tulsa, Oklahoma criminal defense attorney Rob V. Henson immediately and begin protecting your valuable Oklahoma and constitutional rights. You can feel confident that Mr. Henson will put his experience to work for you and fight to prevent you from suffering the consequences of a life-changing Oklahoma criminal conviction.