Is Debt Settlement a Good Idea?

We know that most people WANT to pay their bills and most will do anything to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Even a credit counseling course that is required to be completed before you can even file for bankruptcy will possibly recommend a bankruptcy alternative like a debt settlement program. On the surface, debt settlement sounds [...]

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Charged with Murder—But They Didn’t Kill

TULSA, Oklahoma. According to the Marshall Project, under the felony murder rule, people involved in felonies where murder takes place can be held just as responsible as the person who committed the killing. This means that getaway drivers can find themselves facing serious murder charges even if they weren’t directly involved in the murder. In [...]

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Are Police Credible Witnesses?

TULSA, Oklahoma. One of the aspects of a case that can make or break the outcome involves witness testimony. Many cases hinge on witness testimony. However, expectations on the part of the jury can also affect how witness testimony is perceived. According to the American Bar, factors such as how a witness dresses or their [...]

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Police Need Warrant to Conduct Driveway Searches

TULSA, Oklahoma. The Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that can have an impact on individual privacy and also impact criminal defense law going forward. According to the New York Times, police now must have a warrant in order to conduct a search on a private driveway. The court ruled on an ambiguity in the [...]

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What Are the Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Oklahoma?

Everyone knows that driving under the influence is illegal, but do you know what kind of penalties you could face if police accuse you of doing so? In the state of Oklahoma, you will face charges for DUI if a breath test reveals that your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 or higher, and the penalties [...]

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Stop Talking to the Police!

Criminal Attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma Explains Your Rights   STOP TALKING TO THE POLICE! You have the right to remain silent, so use it. As a criminal attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma, I have spoken with countless clients who “told their version of the story” to the police. As is frequently the case, the very best [...]

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