Will I Have To Go To Court?

Everyone who files for bankruptcy must appear at what is called a Meeting of Creditors (also called a Section 341 meeting) in the federal bankruptcy courthouse conducted by the bankruptcy trustee (don’t worry, creditors almost never show to this meeting). However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, bankruptcy courts have allowed trustees, debtors, and attorneys to attend the Meeting of Creditors by telephone rather than in-person at the courthouse. The meeting should really be called the meeting with the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee will verify your identity by looking at your official state-issued ID and your Social Security card. You are placed under oath to testify about the accuracy of the information in your bankruptcy documents and the trustee will ask you a few questions about your debts and your assets. In the rare circumstance when a creditor does appear, they are allowed to ask you questions as well, but again it is rare for a creditor to appear at the meeting.

All debtors who file for bankruptcy have to “appear” at this meeting. Again, bankruptcy courts are currently allowing trustees, debtors, and attorneys to “appear” at the Meeting of Creditors by telephone even though the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. Remember that every case is different and there are some instances in a particular case where it may be necessary to go to court, but most of our clients never have to go to court or appear in front of a judge.

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