Why do I need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy in Oklahoma?

Can I File for Bankruptcy without an attorney? The short answer is yes, of course. However, the more important answer is why would you want to file without an attorney? Filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma by yourself is a recipe for disaster. Do you know the Oklahoma median income for your county of residence? Do you know how to apply the means test to your income? Do you know what mistakes to avoid when filing for bankruptcy? Do you have a CM/ECF account with log-in credentials for filing in federal bankruptcy court?

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult and stressful process. It is critically important to understand the bankruptcy process can be complicated and has many traps for the unwary. If you represent yourself, the bankruptcy trustee and the bankruptcy court will presume you know the law and are familiar with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Why add undue stress to an already difficult situation? Given the complexities of filing for bankruptcy, it is best to work with a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney who can help you navigate the process and avoid common mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Should You Even File for Bankruptcy?

Our bankruptcy law firm will be able to help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy is even the right option for you. We will discuss your current financial situation and look at all of the available options, including those do not include filing for bankruptcy.

For many people, the idea of filing for bankruptcy protection may seem appalling or immoral. However, bankruptcy is not a moral failing. When you are drowning in debt, your wages are being garnished, and you are constantly behind on your bills, your options are probably quite limited. Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start by wiping out your debts and gives you the opportunity to rebuild your credit and your financial future.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or experiencing financial difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our office. Work with an experienced Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney who can help you avoid common mistakes, potentially save you thousands of dollars, and get you started securing your financial future. To learn more, contact the Henson Law Firm at 918.551.8995 or click “Schedule a Free Virtual Consultation” on our website to setup a FREE and confidential initial consultation.

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