Can I Afford Bankruptcy

Can I afford to Hire A Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney

Yes, it costs money to hire a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney, but the better question is can you afford NOT to hire a bankruptcy attorney? Can you afford late fees and higher interest rates on cars, homes, and credit cards? Can you afford to have your wages garnished? Can you afford to lose your car, as in no longer having a way to get to work? Can you afford to lose your home? Do you have money to pay for the costs of movers or a rental truck? If you lose your home or apartment, can you afford a down payment to move-in to a new home or a new security deposit to move-in to a different apartment?

National bankruptcy data shows that people who hire attorneys to help them file for bankruptcy almost always have their debts wiped away. This is referred to as the “fresh start.” People who hire attorneys fare far better than those debtors who try to go it alone by filing for bankruptcy themselves or ignoring their financial problems and not filing for bankruptcy at all. Those who think they cannot afford a bankruptcy attorney often turn to bad options with predictably bad outcomes. Some try to fill out the complicated bankruptcy forms on their own and make costly mistakes. Others miss important deadlines and have their cases dismissed.

Many people assume they cannot afford to hire a bankruptcy attorney so they do not take the first step and actually contact an attorney. Do NOT allow your financial situation to get worse and put your hard-earned pay and assets at risk! While every case is different and your exact fee will depend upon your specific needs and your financial situation, the bankruptcy attorneys at the Henson Law Firm may be able to work with you on a payment plan.

The Henson Law Firm Makes it Easy! 

At the Henson Law Firm our goal is to simplify filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma as much as possible. We realize that you are seeking our support at an incredibly stressful time in your life and we will be at your side from beginning of the process to the end. Check out our File Bankruptcy from Home (Mostly)  (insert hyperlink to File BK from Home) page. For more information or to get started with the Oklahoma bankruptcy filing process, contact us at 918.551.8995 or click “Schedule a Free Virtual Consultation” to set up a FREE and confidential initial consultation.

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