File Bankruptcy from Home (Mostly)

Is it Even Possible to File Bankruptcy in Oklahoma from Home?

Yes! It is now possible to file your Oklahoma bankruptcy case without leaving your home, except for a one-time visit to our office. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about some welcome changes to the bankruptcy process. Chief among them is the ability to attend the Section 341 Meeting of Creditors by telephone with your Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyer, rather than attending in-person at the federal bankruptcy courthouse. This change simplifies the Tulsa Oklahoma bankruptcy process and makes it easier for working families, single parents, and those who are full-time care givers to get the financial relief they need without having to leave their home for multiple meetings and court appearances.

What Do I Need to File for Bankruptcy from Home?

We try to make the file from home process as easy as possible. You will need a telephone, a computer, laptop, or tablet, and a secure internet connection to get started. You will then need your income information, information about your debts, as well as other financial documents related to your assets and liabilities. You will receive email instructions from our office about all of the documentation you will need to complete the online forms.

How Does the File Bankruptcy from Home Process Work?

It is very similar to the in-person process for filing, but all of the meetings except one are virtual. The one required in-person meeting is to review and physically sign the prepared bankruptcy petition immediately before filing and this meeting can last less than an hour. The process begins with a video consultation with your attorney by Google Meet or Apple Face Time. This video meeting lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour and gives you the opportunity to discuss your overall financial situation. Your attorney will also explain the different types of bankruptcies as well as evaluate whether filing for bankruptcy is even the right thing for you. During the meeting, your attorney will request information about your income and your debts. Your Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyer will then discuss the Oklahoma Means Test to determine whether you pass the means test and if you are eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case or if you must file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case instead. Regardless of whether you decide to hire the bankruptcy law firm at this time, you will digitally sign an initial consultation agreement to reflect that you discussed the types of bankruptcies available as well as the purposes, benefits, and costs of bankruptcy with your attorney.

Who Helps Me File for Bankruptcy from Home?

Once you have committed to securing your financial future by filing for bankruptcy, you will be sent a fee agreement by email for your digital signature followed by a payment link for online debit card processing. Please note a credit card cannot be used for this process. Once the payment is complete, you will be sent a link by email to the secure client portal and a link to complete the credit counseling class that everyone who wants to file for bankruptcy must complete.

The client portal is where you can securely upload all of the required financial information and documentation required for filing for bankruptcy.

Can I File an Oklahoma Bankruptcy from Home Even if I am not “Tech Savvy?”

Yes you can! We will help you through each step of the process. While you do need some working knowledge of computers and technology, by no means do you need to be “tech savvy.” We can help you and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Does Filing an Oklahoma Bankruptcy from Home Take Longer?

No, filing an Oklahoma bankruptcy from home does not take longer. The Oklahoma bankruptcy process tends to move at the same pace regardless of whether you are using our file from home process or if you are choosing to appear at our office for the filing process. If anything, the file from home process is more efficient for clients and there is less overall inconvenience involved.

Is it Safe to File an Oklahoma Bankruptcy from Home?

Yes it is safe to file an Oklahoma bankruptcy from home. We have a secure client portal and secure text messaging. We will discuss what you need to know before you officially begin the filing process. We will also work to be sure the transmission of your sensitive financial information is secure.

If I am Filing an Oklahoma Bankruptcy from Home WHY do I Need a Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney?

Our file from home process is convenient and removes some of the burdens associated with filing for bankruptcy, but it doesn’t change the overall legal process or legal requirements. It simply means you are attending meetings virtually and submitting documents and paperwork remotely. You are still required to submit correct, accurate, and complete information and you still have all of the same obligations, responsibilities, and duties of honesty you would have if you were filing for bankruptcy in person. A Tulsa bankruptcy attorney guides you through the process, ensures the information you submit to the bankruptcy court is accurate, and is there to answer your questions throughout the entire process.

It has never been easier to get a fresh financial start. Contact us today at 918.551.8995 or click “Schedule a Free Virtual Consultation” on our website to learn more about filing for bankruptcy from home and begin working toward securing your financial future.

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