File Bankruptcy & Secure Your Future

Study after study has shown clear benefits for people who successfully eliminate their debts through the Oklahoma bankruptcy process. Whether it is financially related to higher credit scores and higher incomes or quality-of-life related to ending debt-collector harassment and receiving a fresh start, most debtors report that filing for bankruptcy was a substantial benefit to them.

Most of us feel we have a moral obligation to pay the debts we, if we are able. However, that is usually not possible by the time people realize they really need to consider filing for bankruptcy. They can continue trying to chip away at debts they are likely never going to be able to repay, and only prolonging the damage to their credit scores and diverting money they could be using to fund their retirement.

The Bankruptcy Process can be the Start of a New, Debt-Free Life

There are many misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy. Many people are overwhelmed by bad financial circumstances and have obvious reservations about filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma. A common misconception is that people who are filing for bankruptcy are bad at managing money or are spending irresponsibly and accumulating huge amounts of debt. However, this is simply not true for most individuals.

Many people who file for bankruptcy have lost their job, gone through a divorce, experienced the death of a loved one, are dealing with an illness and huge medical bills, or have been involved in some sort of an injury accident. Another significant reason people file for bankruptcy protection in Oklahoma is financial problems associated with a operating a business.

A bankruptcy filing can serve many positive purposes. It can stop foreclosure proceedings and stop wage garnishments. The elimination of debts and liabilities can bring much needed relief to those in a difficult financial situation. A person can file for Chapter 7 (liquidation) or Chapter 13 (debt repayment) depending upon their income. Most individuals who make the decision to file for bankruptcy do not regret their decision and end up in a better overall financial position.

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