Criminal Attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma Explains Your Rights


STOP TALKING TO THE POLICE! You have the right to remain silent, so use it. As a criminal attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma, I have spoken with countless clients who “told their version of the story” to the police. As is frequently the case, the very best evidence against these individuals is their very own words, “their version of the story.” Do not let this happen to you. If you are a suspect or if the police question you for any reason, exercise your federal and Oklahoma constitutional rights to remain silent.  


At one time or another, we have all seen and heard Miranda warnings read to suspects on television. I would imagine that nearly every single adult in Oklahoma can recite at least some portion of the Miranda warning. Yet, I am shocked by the number of people who voluntarily waive this valuable right. Courts have ruled that it is permissible for the police to lie to suspects. The police will tell a suspect that this is their only chance to set the record straight or they ask why would an innocent person need an attorney? Many people who are suspected of a crime fall for these police tactics. I don’t care if you did it; I don’t care if you didn’t do it. If the police are questioning you, you NEED a Tulsa Oklahoma criminal attorney. Do NOT make a statement to the police other than “I want a criminal attorney.” Once you ask for an attorney, all police questioning must stop.


Despite this excellent free advice, many individuals who are accused of an Oklahoma criminal felony, STILL talk to the police, either before or after an arrest. If the police walk up to you, or stop you in your car, they are allowed to ask you for your identification. If they ask you any other questions such as “Where are you going?” or “What are you doing?” YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER. You are free to stop the questioning at any time. Simply tell the police you wish to remain silent, and if you are not under arrest, then you are leaving. If the police detain you, or tell you that you are not free to leave, then you are under arrest (even if you are not placed in handcuffs) and the police must have probable cause to hold you. However, you still have the right to remain silent.


You would not allow some stranger who walked up to you to ask you questions about your destination, or where you have been, or your intentions; you would simply tell them to leave you alone or you would just walk away. Do the same with the police. The Bill of Rights and the Oklahoma Constitution guarantee you the right to remain silent. It is not the right to remain silent if you are innocent; it is the right to remain silent, PERIOD! Tell them you have nothing to say until you speak with a Tulsa Oklahoma criminal attorney and then walk away. Do not lie to the police, just tell them you wish to remain silent. If you lie to the police and you are later arrested, the lie or lies can be used against you, so say nothing, except: “I wish to remain silent. I want an attorney.”