Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer in Oklahoma


Have you or a loved one been charged with drug manufacturing in Tulsa or another Oklahoma community? Are the authorities investigating you or a loved one for cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine (meth) manufacturing? If so, then you need to contact a Tulsa drug manufacturing attorney at the Henson Law Firm. Drug manufacturing is one of the most serious Oklahoma drug charges that a person can face and the penalties are severe. Law enforcement will go to great lengths in order to obtain incriminating evidence and secure a conviction that can land you in an Oklahoma prison. If the police conduct an illegal search and seizure, you will need a lawyer to hold them accountable in court. While no one can ever guarantee a case outcome, working with a Tulsa drug manufacturing defense lawyer will increase the chances of successfully resolving your case.


Drug manufacturing refers to the illegal creation of controlled substances such as methamphetamine (meth), crack cocaine, heroin, or other illegal drugs and narcotics. In Oklahoma, meth is the most commonly manufactured controlled substance. Typically, the term manufacturing brings to mind large scale factory-type operations that produce huge quantities of illegal drugs. However, meth labs have now become so portable that a complete lab can fit in the trunk of a car. Motel rooms have also become popular places for lab operations. A meth lab was even found in the stairway of the State Capitol Complex in Tulsa. Under Oklahoma criminal law, an addict who is cooking meth only for personal use in their own home can be still be charged with meth manufacturing.


Oklahoma Drug Manufacturing Penalties


Manufacturing is categorized as a felony drug crime in Oklahoma, and the penalties are severe. A first offense carries a minimum of 7 years to a maximum of life in prison and a fine of at least $50,000.00. A second offense carries a minimum of 14 years to a maximum of life in prison. A subsequent offense carries a minimum of 21 years to a maximum of life in prison. The legal consequences of a manufacturing conviction are life-changing, and that is why you should contact a Tulsa drug crimes attorney immediately after being charged with manufacturing.


Representation Against Drug Manufacturing Charges in Tulsa, Oklahoma


At the Henson Law Firm, we understand the magnitude of the drug charges you or a loved one are facing, and we are prepared to aggressively defend the case. We will examine all possible defenses that can be raised in your case and we will thoroughly investigate the evidence against you. Call us now for your FREE initial consultation.


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