AI Programs Should Not Be Used to Police Cities or Sentence Criminals

TULSA, Oklahoma. Technology has changed the way we live our lives and plan our days. In recent years, technology has had an impact on how police patrol cities and how criminals are sentenced to jail. More cities in recent years have been using artificial intelligence to determine which areas of a city might be more [...]

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Former Pot Convictions May Stay on People’s Records, Even After Marijuana Has Been Legalized

TULSA, Oklahoma. Felony convictions can have a serious impact on your life and ability to find work. One man found himself facing difficulty finding jobs after having to disclose his former marijuana conviction to future employers. Oregon Live reported that he was not permitted to work on federal projects and wasn’t even allowed to travel [...]

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How Illegal Police Stops Ruin and Impact Lives

TULSA, Oklahoma. According to ProPublica, Jacksonville, Florida is thorough when it comes to enforcing pedestrian violations. Whether you are jaywalking, not using the sidewalk, or crossing the street on a yellow light, police officers can use a pedestrian violation to stop you. Usually they do this so that they can claim just cause to search [...]

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What Should Be Done When a Witness Lies in a Criminal Case?

TULSA, Oklahoma. Anything said in court, even if it is later proven false or dismissed, can impact the outcome of a criminal trial. This is especially true when a jury is deciding the fate of the person on trial. The jury may be told to ignore certain false testimony, but the testimony could lead to [...]

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How a Computer Algorithm Could Send You to Prison

TULSA, Oklahoma. More judges across the country are using a proprietary computer algorithm to determine how long convicted individuals should go to jail. According to, the algorithm claims to be able to predict future violent or criminal behavior. It runs a risk assessment on an individual and helps judges in sentencing and in setting [...]

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Some Misdemeanor Offenders Aren’t Granted Access to Lawyers

TULSA, Oklahoma. Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling of Gideon v. Wainwright, all defendants under the sixth amendment of the U.S. Constitution are guaranteed the right to receive representation by a lawyer. Before Gideon, according to PBS, Florida courts claimed that only individuals facing the death penalty were entitled to a lawyer. The Supreme Court [...]

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When it Comes to Campus Rape Accusations—Do the Accused See Due Process?

TULSA, Oklahoma. Sexual assault is a serious charge. A sexual assault charge can impact a person’s ability to continue going to school, to get work, and impact a person’s ability to participate in the community. While false accusations of sexual assault are rare, there have been increased concerns about how campus sexual assault charges are [...]

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Nurse Arrested When Trying to Prevent an Officer from Taking a Blood Sample Without Warrant

TULSA, Oklahoma. When a Utah officer asked a nurse to draw blood on an unconscious patient, the nurse, in accordance with her hospital’s policy, asked for a warrant. The officer did not have one. When the nurse refused to allow the officer to draw the blood sample, she was restrained and arrested. According to the [...]

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Theft Crime Punishments Lack Consistency From State to State

TULSA, Oklahoma. The difference between grand larceny and petit larceny is immense. While individuals charged with petit larceny will often face fines and short jail times in local jail that can often be offset with community service or other plea deals, grand larceny is a felony offense and can result in a prison sentence of [...]

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Department of Justice Plans to Address Opioid Epidemic by Going After Pharmacists and Doctors for Drug Crimes

TULSA, Oklahoma. The Centers for Disease Control reports that in 2015 alone, there were 52,404 deaths due to drug overdoses in the U.S. This comes out to an estimated 144 drug overdoses each day. Slate reports that drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death in people under 50. Yet, even these numbers may [...]

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