When it Comes to Campus Rape Accusations—Do the Accused See Due Process?

TULSA, Oklahoma. Sexual assault is a serious charge. A sexual assault charge can impact a person’s ability to continue going to school, to get work, and impact a person’s ability to participate in the community. While false accusations of sexual assault are rare, there have been increased concerns about how campus sexual assault charges are [...]

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Nurse Arrested When Trying to Prevent an Officer from Taking a Blood Sample Without Warrant

TULSA, Oklahoma. When a Utah officer asked a nurse to draw blood on an unconscious patient, the nurse, in accordance with her hospital’s policy, asked for a warrant. The officer did not have one. When the nurse refused to allow the officer to draw the blood sample, she was restrained and arrested. According to the [...]

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Department of Justice Plans to Address Opioid Epidemic by Going After Pharmacists and Doctors for Drug Crimes

TULSA, Oklahoma. The Centers for Disease Control reports that in 2015 alone, there were 52,404 deaths due to drug overdoses in the U.S. This comes out to an estimated 144 drug overdoses each day. Slate reports that drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death in people under 50. Yet, even these numbers may [...]

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