Q: Your offices are in Tulsa, but I am charged with a crime in a different county. Can you still help me?

A: Yes. We travel all over Oklahoma to defend people.

Q: What should I bring to the first meeting with an Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer?

A: • Everything pertaining to your arrest including search or arrest warrants and any documents given to you by the police.

• Charging document, usually called an Information (if you have it).

• Bail documents

• List of prior misdemeanor, DUI/DWI, and/or felony convictions.

• Date and time of your next court appearance.

• Police reports (if you have them).

Next, TELL THE TRUTH. There is no point in lying to your attorney. Your attorney cannot effectively defend you if he does not have all of the facts about your case. It is better that your Oklahoma defense lawyer hears about the bad facts in the case from you, rather than learining about them for the first time from the district attorney during a hearing. Everything you tell your lawyer is covered by attorney-client privilege. This means that your attorney cannot and will not reveal to anyone what you have told him, EXCEPT if you tell your attorney about some crime you pan to commit in the future; that information is not protected from disclosure. Even if you decide to hire a different lawyer, the information is still privileged and cannot be disclosed by the lawyer. Don’t be concerned about giving your Oklahoma defense lawyer too much information. Tell him everything you think might be relevant.