Cooperating With The Police

Caveat emptor.  The translation of this Latin phrase means “buyer beware” and was frequently used in the context of real estate law or consumer law.  While the phrase does not exactly apply in the context of Oklahoma criminal law, the principle is the same: BEWARE.  If you are cooperating with the police, BEWARE.  The police are not your friends.  The police are allowed to lie to you.  It is their job to find enough evidence to convict you of a crime, not “hear your version of the story.”


Police detectives often say to suspects: “This is your only chance to tell your side of the story,” or “Why would an innocent person need an attorney?” or “We will make this easier for you if you will just tell us what happened.”  NEVER fall for these tactics.  You need to know that police officers, police detectives, and even the chief of police have absolutely no authority to “make things easier for you” or to “cut you a deal,” except maybe to allow you to have a cup of coffee during their sinister interrogation.  Only the district attorney’s office has the power and authority to “make a deal.”  No suspect should ever speak to the police without first consulting a Tulsa criminal attorney, and more than likely that advice will be to remain silent.  A Tulsa criminal attorney will know whether it is in your best interest to discuss your case with the district attorney’s office.  Remember, despite what the police may tell you, THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO MAKE A DEAL.


There are very limited circumstances where a defendant can benefit from talking to the prosecutor.  If a defendant is part of a large conspiracy or has valuable, verifiable information that would benefit the district attorney’s investigation against other defendants, that information may be leveraged to get a better “deal” or offer from the prosecutor.  However, it is imperative that a defendant has the advice of a Tulsa criminal attorney before speaking to the prosecutor and the defendant’s lawyer must be present during the conversation with the prosecutor.

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