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Is Debt Settlement a Good Idea?

We know that most people WANT to pay their bills and most will do anything to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Even a credit counseling course that is required to be completed before you can even file for bankruptcy will possibly recommend a bankruptcy alternative like a debt settlement program. On the surface, debt settlement sounds [...]

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Charged with Murder—But They Didn’t Kill

TULSA, Oklahoma. According to the Marshall Project, under the felony murder rule, people involved in felonies where murder takes place can be held just as responsible as the person who committed the killing. This means that getaway drivers can find themselves facing serious murder charges even if they weren’t directly involved in the murder. In [...]

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Are Police Credible Witnesses?

TULSA, Oklahoma. One of the aspects of a case that can make or break the outcome involves witness testimony. Many cases hinge on witness testimony. However, expectations on the part of the jury can also affect how witness testimony is perceived. According to the American Bar, factors such as how a witness dresses or their [...]

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Police Need Warrant to Conduct Driveway Searches

TULSA, Oklahoma. The Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that can have an impact on individual privacy and also impact criminal defense law going forward. According to the New York Times, police now must have a warrant in order to conduct a search on a private driveway. The court ruled on an ambiguity in the [...]

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Low Level Gun Offenders Could Face Federal Charges

TULSA, Oklahoma. Under Jeff Sessions’ orders to increase penalties for gun offenses, federal prosecutors are increasingly pursuing low-level gun offenders for federal charges. Jeff Sessions has asked that the maximum possible charge be pursued and the most serious possible punishment be sought for these kinds of crimes. In the Trump administration’s crackdown on gun violence, [...]

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Why are Children Suspended from School Being Sent to Jail—and What Can Parents Do?

TULSA, Oklahoma. According to ProPublica, in the last 30 years, school law enforcement budgets have grown, student suspensions have grown, and the number of students being sent to jail has increased. Critics claim that the school justice system creates disparities between students of color and white students. Black students are four times more likely to [...]

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Public Defenders Only Get 1/16th of the Time they Need to Defend Clients

TULSA, Oklahoma. When it comes to justice in America, whether you go to jail or not has a lot to do with whether you can afford to pay for a criminal defense lawyer. According to MV, the disparity in representation can be seen in the case of two men who were accused of a crime. [...]

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Jeff Sessions Issues Memo Regarding Death Penalty for Certain Drug Crimes

TULSA, Oklahoma. The Trump administration recently announced that it would call for capital punishment for some drug dealers. Attorney General Sessions recently released a memo offering guidance for prosecutors regarding the use of the death penalty in certain drug charges. […]

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Neuroscience May Offer New Cutting-Edge Criminal Defense Options

TULSA, Oklahoma. If you’ve been charged with a crime, your first move should be to reach out to a criminal defense lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the Henson Law Firm, P.L.L.C. will tell you from its years of providing leading criminal defense for clients facing drug crimes or theft crime charges, having a lawyer on [...]

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